MONKEY & MEN 2017 - Competition 

monkey and men section

PLANET EARTH: 2152-06-02

This is a statement and it begins with a question:
Do you think the existence of your consciousness does have a purpose?

Based on my „prognostications“ animal testing on non-human primates will be prohibited in about 135 years from now. Worldwide hundreds of thousands of primates, mostly macaques are abused and killed in painful and terrifying experiments with a 92% failure rate every year. Macaques are sensitive, intelligent beings who share many important biological and psychological characteristics as well as 93% of their DNA with us humans. 
„Monkey & Men“ is a symbolic universe which promotes interspecies-communication by emphasizing the use of emotional intelligence to study the macaques behavior in a positively impacting rather than self-enriching way. As the human evolves his desire to possess objects of a materialistic nature will gradually be replaced by the desire to understand, to help and to find individual solutions and create new realities. The idea is to help the offspring of those who have suffered for us. This futuristic dark-energy powered sanctuary floats throughout the world’s oceans while it re-socializes thousands of abused monkeys, as it gives them their very first glimpse of freedom. To clarify, this is not a zoo, the monkeys are not treated as voyeuristic objects. The monkeys independence is displayed in the architecture. The roles are therefore reversed. As the lab monkeys initially are unable to survive on their own they will be given the opportunity to form groups, socialize, climb hills and to swing from tree to tree for the first time. They will be released into the wild into one of the few remaining forested areas. Furthermore there is an indoor food production and an artificially submerged coral reef, also of both educational and idealistic value.

It is not us who make planet earth special yet its future does lie in our hands.