Holy Spa

University Project In collaboration with Kathrin Wutte 
Software: Revit, Illustrator, Photoshop
2013 / graphics redone in 2019




In the past Bad Radkersburg, which lies in the South of Austria had a lot of power because of a vivacious foreign trade. Nowadays, the city center is slowly dying out, there are lots of abandoned properties such as the capuchin church. The church was constructed in the 14th century as cloister of capuchin. Parts of the church were destroyed during the Second World War. It is now used as a theater, wine cellar, pub and storehouse.  

For us designing with Nature means working with the 80°C thermal spring that formed due to the volcanic activity in the area in the past. So by integrating a new spa into the old city center we believe in creating a unique situation that enlivens the city and make the church shine again. People are given the chance to explore. Bad Radkersburg captivates with it's nature, churches and museums. You can have dinner at styrian restaurants, participate at wine tastings, and explore the rich cultural heritage of Austria.