When was the last time you felt so free that you devoted yourself to the poetic elements of nature? 

Have you ever taken the time enjoy watching the slow movement of the planets? 

Do you sometimes wish you could make a deeper connection with the build environment, to see it have a life on its own?

This is the image of an idea, an idea based on Platos „Theory of Forms“ which says that nothing is permanent and that the cosmos has a universal soul and reason. Therefore a symbiosis between the local climate, the physical environment and local building materials has been aspired. Before the birth of modern science, ancient cultures worldwide, such as the Greek used classical elements (earth, water, air, fire and aether/space) which were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances. Each one of the houses has been designed according to one of the classical elements and a list that has been carefully compiled, for example the floor plans have been designed based on its respective platonic solid. Natural materials such as fired wood, rammed earth and dry stone which partly have a local importance help to preserve this archaic mystical character of the site. Since Abruzzo is one of the greenest regions in Europe the architecture blends in softly not only by using strong natural building materials and the greened walkable observatory roofs but also by integrating vegetation and fresh water ponds within the courtyards to ensure a pleasant climate throughout the entire year and moreover they make an excellent lighting source and allow the air to circulate through the human habitat. 

The sky lounge has a special place as it brings everyone together. The interventions on the castle are timid and respectful, only around a third of the possible 700 m2 has been used. Two buildings, one ramp, a wooden stair and two cantilever extensions have been added, the public area can be playfully reconfigured with content depending on the season or for festive occasions. 

Abruzzo is still off the beaten path for most visitors to Italy, so lets keep it as mystical and beautiful as it is. 

Shortly put: Commodity, firmness and delight.