CENTER FOR COGNITIVE AGRICULTURE 2016 - MasterstudioDesign of a Vertical FarmSoftware: Rhino, Illustrator, Grasshopper 

vertical farm
vertical farm section


cognition: /kɒɡˈnɪʃ(ə)n/
„The mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding thought, experience and the senses.“

agriculture: /ˈaɡrɪkʌltʃə/
„The science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops.“

Cognition and agriculture shall not be confused with artifi- cial intelligence and nature. A wise man said to me, as students we are living someoneelse’s dream. So what is mine? I dream of a city that builds up on traditional values without denying industrialization. Cities have the potential to pro- duce their own food, and they will. My proposal combines both. A continuous public pathway navigates visitors through 17 floors, passing by 13 greenhouses, platforms, viewpoints and terraces. CCA educates for a plant-based future.

The greenhouses, who are separated into different climate zones create areas in between. The crystalline structure is a symbol of a new area. Just as crystals grow out of miner- al-rich solutions in spacious rock cavities, a new form of agriculture grows out of a concrete plastered world. Just as they can grow quickly or slowly or even stop, depending on changes in temperature and the concentration of solution the same concept can be applied to plants.

By forming boxes, so to speak more metaphorical crystal- line structures on the inside of the building and leaving the space in between up for the vertical development, a me- thodical way to create new spaces between several volu- mines is applied. The ramps, terraces and platforms will contain multimedia tools such as interactive games that result in trial, error, collaboration, curiosity, being fearless and experimenting. Creative approaches to acquire essen- tial skills for the future.

Cognition processes use of existing knowledge and gener- ates new knowledge. CCA will change your tomorrow by changing you.