ABC 2020 

„Sambou Toura Drame“

Several building techniques are partially known in the area of Marsassoum (Nubian Vault, Bamboo matts...) plus the use of recycled materials (tires, construction waste..) is encouraged, to enable the community to learn and participate during the construction period. This way existing and culturally specific knowledge of the community is being passed on to a younger generation and extended creatively.


  • ROOF
    The construction of a traditionally thatched roof made of water reed is a well known technique of the area and can be adjusted by local professionals, corrugated sheets are not recommended for classrooms due to high noise levels during the rainy season
    A three dimensional bamboo Framework with internal stiffening elements allows the floor plan to be open for bigger celebrations, as the dividing elements (woven bamboo matts) of the individual classrooms can be removed easily
    The foundation is a stripe foundation made of old car tires filled with construction waste from the demolished latrines and current concrete building
    To the outside world the school is clearly defined by individually arranged bamboo bars that are placed in the concrete of the 30cm ground plate. They are an interpretation of traditional African fences. Not only do they enable for indirect lightning, they also let cool air from the ground enter the building. Another example are the interactive 360° swing doors that connect the hallway with the playground and garden. The architecture of the school is therefore in a state of constant change.
    The building in the South, is a so-called Nubian Vault construction.